Dive into a Lifestyle, Not Just a Product

Founded on the sun-kissed shores of Perth, Western Australia, in 2022, Floatables is more than just an innovative brand. It's a way of life. Born from a need for more aquatic real estate as our families grew and boat space shrank, Floatables is all about maximizing fun, safety, and convenience on the water.

One memorable trip to Rottnest Island saw our CEO, Ryan, soaring high above, skydiving, taking in the views of boats below. Families were making memories, but they were confined. The back of their boats were bustling hubs of activity with little space to move. That's when the idea for Floatables sparked — what if we could expand that area? Provide a dry entry and exit from the shore? That day, the concept of Floatables was born.

Our vision? To become the brand synonymous with water and lifestyle. We're not just selling inflatable docks or wellness ice baths; we're offering an upgrade to your water experiences, inviting you to a community that celebrates the great Australian outdoors. Every Floatables product is a ticket to adventure, a pledge to quality, and a nod to sustainability.

Who We are

Every Inch Australian

We’re full-on Australian, mate. We are proudly Australian owned & operated, spreading the Australian lifestyle worldwide.

We want to make beach life accessible to as many people as possible. We care about providing high quality entertainment at affordable prices for everyone to better enjoy nature.


Ryan & Kerry

The skydiving fanatic and the main driver of the Floatables Brand.

With a house echoing the giggles of three beautiful daughters (and a fluffy Labradoodle), Ryan finds solace in his car — the only other bloke in his life.

Kerry, our co-founder and Ryan’s better half, ensures the brand stays anchored. Their shared vision has been the guiding star for Floatables.


Brett & Emily

The couple with an ocean-sized personality (and a boat to match, but maybe not the car to tow it).

Brett, our deep-sea diving aficionado, is on a first-name basis with every crayfish in the local waters. Em, the style icon of the duo, is the genius behind our vibrant colour choices!