Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup
Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup

Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup

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The Yoga Sun Dock by Floatables: Balance, Bask, and Breathe!


Rediscover inner calm and outer strength with the Yoga Sun Dock by Floatables. Meticulously crafted for the holistic enthusiast, this inflatable platform isn’t just an accessory, it's an embodiment of aquatic harmony. Dive deep into a yoga sequence, seek solace in meditation, or simply bask in sunlit relaxation – all on a singular, buoyant foundation.

Beyond the zen, it doubles as a dynamic aquatic adventurer. Whether you're maneuvering a stand-up paddleboard voyage or seeking a steady path from boat to shoreline, the Yoga Sun Dock has your back, ensuring stability with every step or stroke. (paddle not included) 

Designed not just as a tool but as a haven, it resonates with both the fitness fanatic and the serenity seeker. Float, flourish, and find your center amidst the water with the Yoga Sun Dock. Your aquatic wellness journey, amplified.


[1] Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m
[1] Hand Pump
[1] Floatables Repair Kit
[1] Carry Bag
[1] 4pk Dock Connectors
[1] Floatables Stubby Holder (the most important thing)


All FLOATABLES Inflatable products are made with our FLOATWEAVE Technology, using a combination 200mm thick PVC material, double layered side walls and a unique inflation system that makes all our products far more rigid and stable than anything else out there.

Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup

Yoga Sun Dock 2.5m Inflatable Sup

Regular price $690.00 AUD
Regular price Sale price $690.00 AUD



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Wether at home in your pool, on land, by the beach or out on the water take your yoga experience to the next level. Perfectly designed to accommodate any pose, the Yoga Sun Dock provides a comfortable platform to practice on land, but on the water it it provides a whole new challenging element to your wellness journey.

And when the hard work is over It's also the perfect spot to lounge and sunbake.

Elevate Your Yoga

Want to add a whole new challenging dimention to your yoga experience? Try it on the water or in your pool. Great for stability training at home or even for group classes. 

Expansive Space

With D-Ring connectors on both sides The Yoga Sun Dock can link together with any other floatable's dock providing expansive spaces for recreation, lounging and play both on the water or by the beach.

Stable SUP Platform

The Yoga Sun Deck can be used as a SUP board – it's more stable and better for conditioning both kids and adults to gain confidence and balance. This makes it great for transferring between areas, boats, and the shore.

Diving/Snorkeling Hub

Providing a secure, stable platform to gear up on and a Safe spot to rest up when needed. From underwater it also provides a larger target for when ascending. 

EZ Transport

The Yoga Sun Dock is easy to transport, manuever, and carry. It's both lightweight and equipped with a carry handle mounted on the bottom of the dock making it easy for a single person to transport it wherever you need to go.

Beach Buddy

Set up just off the beach for a platform to swim to and play from. Providing a comfortable and safe place to rest up or float around. It's also great onshore as a place to sit on and rest, sand free when lounging and sunbaking.

The Yoga Sun Dock

Portable Versatility

You'll never want to head to the beach without the Yoga Sun-Dock. it's portable versatile and tougher than wood-pecker lips.

There is just so much you can do with it. and it's not limited to the ocean. it's more compact size means you can use it in your pool too.

Use it as an aquatic yoga platform, a sun bathing station, floating gear storage when snorkeling or even as a great training tool for Stand-Up-Paddle boarding for those looking to gain confidence.

Setup Is Easy

The BRAVO Valve

The trusted and reliable BRAVO valve is super easy to use. When you turn and remove the valve cap, you’ll see a pin. Push this in once or twice to ensure it is in the UP orientation, lock your pump in and inflate in minutes.

When it's time to pack it in for the day, simply push the pin DOWN and it will deflate in no time.

Both of these processes are made even easier with our 12v Dock Pump

Floatables FAQ

These are some of the top questions we get from customers.

If you don't see your question check out our full FAQ Page.

How do I transport it?

In the provided carry bag, or simply fold and strap your product and transport without the carry bag.

What happens it breaks ?

All Floatable docks feature extra reinforcement in the zones that often see the most wear and tear. Even so, We always include a repair kit with every product to help you patch minor holes, tears and seam leaks.

If the provided repair kit doesn't cut it, all our products come with a 2 year warranty. (Please read our warranty guideline)

How do I maintain it?

All Floatable products have been design and tested to withstand the often punishing Australian climate.

To get the most life out of our products we recommend that you Rinse your product with fresh water especially if used in the ocean to remove all salt, then leave to dry before packing it away for extended periods of time to prevent mildew and deterioration.

(Soapy water can be used for stuborn salt/mud)

How hot does the EVA get?

Even on the hottest of Australian days the EVA remains at a comfortable temperature for all day use.

Is it safe for kids to use?

Absolutely. All Floatable product were designed to be enjoyed safely by the whole family (pets included). We only ask the children wear a lifejacket if required.

How do I secure it?

Each Dock is equipped with reinforced D-Rings at key locations , Simply tie your Dock to anything using provided Dock Connectors. Additional dock connectors can be purched at our store to give you even more options for connection.