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How do I transport my floatables dock?

You can easily transport your docks, boards, or bath in the provided carry bag, or simply fold and strap your product and transport without the carry bag.

What happens if it breaks?

There is a repair kit provided for minor holes, tears and seam leaks, all our products come with a 2 year warranty. (Please read our warranty guideline)

How do I maintain it?

Rinse with fresh water especially if used in the ocean to remove all salt, then leave to dry before packing it away. (Soapy water can be used for stuborn salt/mud)

Will it last in the sun?

Does a one legged duck swim in circles?

Of course, all our products were made to withstand the harsh Australian climate. now that being said, when not in use we recommend you store your product out of the sun to give them an even longer lasting lifespan.

Is it safe for kids to use?

Absolutely.  We designed Flaotables as a way for all ages to experience the joys of the water in a safer way. All we ask is to please ensure children wear a lifejacket if required

What power do I need to inflate it?

Either 240V, 12V will do the trick...or MUSCLE POWER for those who desire a workout with the hand pump.

What does my dock come with?

Every dock comes with:

  • [1] Hand Pump: This dual action hand pump can be used to inflate any of our products thanks to the Bravo valve used on all our products. If the manual pump isn’t your thing, you can purchase our 12V pump which will make inflation quicker and easier. 
  • [1] Repair Kit: An orange canister will include all you need for minor repairs if you damage or puncture your product. 
  • [1] Carry Bag: A carry bag is included to help you transport your product. 
  • [1] 4 Pack Of Dock Connectors: These straps are ideal securing to boats, joining other Docks together and securing your Dock after it has been folded and packed up. 

And of course a Floatables stubby holder (never leave home without one)

What does it come in?

...A box

Can I return it? is there a return policy?

Yes, but we're pretty sure you won't want to. But in case you do, please read our Warranty and Returns policy.

Can we customize it?

We are working hard to offer Customization options on some of our products soon

How do I secure it?

Simply tie your Dock to anything using provided Dock Connectors (Cambuckles), you could also use rope...but it's way less cool.

How long does it stay inflated for? Do I need to add air each day?

Not usually, however if the night is cold and the days are hot your products pressure will change throughout the temperatures, so its a good idea to check the pressure each day and add or release air to stay in the recommended 6-8PSI range.

Are there colour options?

No not yet, however we are looking at offering customizing soon.

How much weight can it hold? – How many adults and kids?

Please read the Maximum Load Capacity in the Warning section which is located on the side of your product.

Are there different sizes?

Yes for certain products, like the U-Dock and Drift Dock Series please see our product range in the Shop section.

What is it made of?

The Inflatable section is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and the top section is EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam)

How hot does the surface/EVA get?

Even on the hottest of Australian days the EVA remains at a comfortable temperature for all day use

Can I set it up on my own?

We don't know...Can you? just kidding, Yes you can.

Can we use upside down?

Not sure why you'd want to but sure.

How do I inflate it?

3 options:

  • 240V pum,
  • 12V pump
  • or Hand Pump (We provide 12V and Hand Pump options only)

Bonus option, you can use your lungs, but pleasetime yourself and tell us how long it took...for science.

How long does it take to inflate?

It depends on the pump you are using and the size of the inflatable.

Is it quicker to inflate with 240V?

Yes, however we currently only provide 12V and Hand pump options in our store.

Is the Pump included?

Hand pump comes with the product, and receive a discounted price on the 12V pump if purchased with your product

Do you make them for boats with 2 motors?

Yes the Dual U Dock

Is it easy to puncture?

These products are very durable, however sliding across sharp rocks etc may incur damage, we also do not recommend sword fighting on them.

Can I jump on it?


Can I get a Canopy for it?

It's like you read our minds! we are currently working on this and many other accessories.

Is it ok to use in salt water? (Ocean)

Hell Yeah! just please give it a rinse with fresh water after use

Does the decking/EVA mark?

The EVA is very durable, however marking can occur with hard sharp objects.

What size does it fold up to?

Please refer to the product specifications on each product page for more info

How do I fold it up?

Deflate your product then fold to desired size.

Does it come with a carry bag?


Do I have to clean it with fresh water after use?

If used in the Ocean then yes you need to rinse the salt off with fresh water.  If your product gets mud etc on it then we recommend cleaning it sooner rather than later to make it easier to maintain that new look. (Soapy water recommended for stubborn dirt/salt)

Is there after market support?

Yes, please reach out to us in the Contact Us section on our website

Does it come with a puncture repair kit?

Yes, in the orange container

Can I tow it behind my boat?

Our docks are designed for stationary use only, not to be towed behind a boat. however we do have more products in the works.

Is it stable?

Very stable.

Does it flip easy if its windy?

No, however please only use products in suitable weather conditions.

Does it come with a Ladder?

No, but The Ladder is a Recommended Accessory and can be purchased on our website.

Can my dog go on it?

Of Course!

What PSI do I inflate to? Recommended and Maximum?

Recommended pressure for all our products is 6-8PSI

Can I store them while inflated?

Yes, however please release some air to help the longevity of the PVC.

What accessories do I need as a minimum?

You will receive everything you need with your product purchase, however we highly recommend the 12V pump for effortless inflation

Should I wear a lifejacket on them?

We will leave that up to your own discretion.

Can I strap an esky onto it?

Yes, there are Stainless D links position all around the top of the products to strap your esky down with the provided Dock connectors (Cambuckle Straps)

How will my order ship?

Expertly packed and delivered to your doorstep